Caregiver Resources

Caregivers are loved ones who serve as primary support to the patient. Caregivers can be partners, significant others, family members or friends. They offer support by handling daily tasks, managing medical concerns, coordinating appointments, dispensing medications and/or advocating for the patient.

Caregivers experience cancer from a different perspective. They are not physically experiencing scans, treatments or the pain associated with a cancer diagnosis but they may experience emotional and psychological effects of the disease. This is why caregivers must also seek support and resources.

Check out these webinars from Cancer Support Community:

The following organizations provide caregiver resources including support groups, publications, workshops or materials to aid caregivers in managing their own care, in addition to their loved ones diagnosis, treatment and survivorship:

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Over the years many ACC survivors have found our 4000+ member ACCOI Online support group to be helpful in connecting with others. We also have an ACCOI FaceBook page for family and friends to connect with other ACC survivors.